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Lechosław Carnelli

Member of The Association of Polish Artistic Photographers
The Owner of a one man graphic studio for the last 20 years
Tel. mobile: +48 22 502 465 303, e-mail: lechoslaw.carnelli@gmail.com


„Three minutes of jazz“
Cycle of photographs for collectors

  • A few years….. and over 100 selected photographs
  • Open cycle – new concerts, new artists…
  • Exhibited works are classic silver prints made on high quality photographic paper, produced in a traditional darkroom using a process of contact copying.
  • Dimensions of photographic prints: 42 x 28 cms
  • Dimensions of frames: 70 x 50 cms
  • Limited editions

For me the jazz concert is both a great musical and visual experience. I retain the pictures in my mind and return to them frequently.
The first three minutes of the concert is the time for the reporters and are very tense moments. During that time there is so much to show to the audience. First notes of the music, first touch of the microphone, first glimpse at the audience… as the bright lights and jazz begin to fill the concert hall.
I have this brief period of three minutes in which to capture something very volatile and almost unnoticeable. I want those who view my photographs to feel the life of the music. In my works I like to register the expressions, gestures and the moments when musicians ‘float away’ into a different world… the world of jazz.
In my photographs I capture the excellent jazz artistes for all time. Frequently these were the only performances of such jazz musicians in Poland to date.
My pictures are a very subjective and very impulsive way of capturing and demonstrating what I feel at any specific moment in the concert.
My approach to making prints is quite the opposite and involves precise techniques using classic baryte paper and following all the established practices for collectors’ requirements. I make them personally using a traditional enlarger in a professional darkroom. I take precise steps to ensure that the prints will look the same in 100 years as they do today so that future jazz fans will find them equally pleasing.
For these very special prints I have developed my own process to combine modern digital photographic technology with traditional printing techniques.